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Special appearance attorneys are typically needed in situations where a lawyer represents a client in a specific legal proceeding without becoming fully involved in the case. Here are some common scenarios where a special appearance attorney may be required:

  • Jurisdictional Issues: When an attorney is licensed in one jurisdiction but needs to appear in court in another jurisdiction, they may make a special appearance to handle specific matters without fully representing the client in the entire case.

  • Limited Scope Representation: In some cases, a client may hire an attorney for a specific aspect of a case, such as a hearing or motion, without retaining them for the entire legal matter. The attorney then makes a special appearance for that limited purpose.

  • Emergency Hearings: If there is an urgent or emergency situation requiring immediate legal action, an attorney may make a special appearance to address the matter promptly without providing ongoing representation.

LA Special Appearance Attorney

  • Conflict of Interest: When a lawyer has a conflict of interest preventing them from taking on full representation, they may make a special appearance to handle a specific issue without compromising ethical obligations.

  • Pro Hac Vice Admission: In some jurisdictions, an attorney not licensed in that state may be allowed to make a special appearance after obtaining pro hac vice admission, which is a temporary permission to practice in that specific case.

  • Court Proceedings or Motions: Attorneys may make special appearances for specific court proceedings, hearings, or motions, especially if their client’s presence is not required for the entire case.

It’s important to note that the rules regarding special appearances can vary by jurisdiction, so attorneys need to be aware of and comply with the local regulations and court procedures.

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